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NOMADS, is a changing, dynamic, new age school without walls. Registered as a not for profit Trust in Bhopal, it is a coming together of practitioners from diverse backgrounds and experiences. There are Artists, Poets, Storytellers, Filmmakers, Educators, Farmers and Entrepreneurs amongst us. Nomads sees itself as a Center for Un/Learning in Cinema & Aligned Art Practices.


Its not a film school. The proposition is- Cinema as a school for lifelong learning. 20th century being the century of Cinema, our century finds it becoming an ideal interface for the continuing education of the young and not so young. Thus choosing process over product, it becomes the perfect place to unlearn & decondition with an eye on collective ascension. In the face of a serious threat to abiding structures like Nature, Culture, Individual, Family, Society, it also serves as a safe environment for creative questioning & intuitive growth necessary for new encounters with the self & others.

With the above in mind, NOMADS is committed to creating innovative, immersive & rigorous learning spaces from time to time, via carefully curated study programmes in the interface of Cinema and other Arts. It is here we can learn to inter-be in the increasingly complex matrix of Art, Politics, Information, Philosophy, Poetry, Technology, Storytelling, History, Culture, Religion, Ideology et al. 


With a sensible perspective on Asian Philosophy & Aesthetics, its a call for a reOrienting of the desires. It equally seeks to create a context for heeding the enduring values of love, compassion, fellowship, joy, imagination and the response-able-ness of be-ing human


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