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You have entered Nomadsland, a land with  shifting borders & changing landscapes. The map unfolds with your walking. There are many paths to many places Here. The paths you walk, are part of your story; the ones you pass by, are part of another's. The journey you take, is the pilgrimage you undertake, is the film you make. 

Here, you are the Maker of the film you see. Go slow friend. You are Nothing yet; call yourself pilgrim; start walking, listening, watching. Let the sublime time machine take you frame by frame across the map of Nomadsland.

It is mapped here and now as Views from an Imaginary Film. The film is Imaginary because no one is making it. Though there are a few artists involved in the Making of the forever-to-be work-in-progress. The whole if any, is to be gleaned from the part views. In Nomad's land, you plot your trajectories, by clicking on directions that call you; you gather miles here, by looking and listening to shots, songs, films, poetry, art and text.

         Digital Collage:  24 views from the pilgrimage by Rajula


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