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Shampa Shah's sketches based on video fragments from NOMADSLAND

Co-lab looks at living & working in the Indian Asia, as an opportunity to work through the many layers of a palimpsest. Traveling across the subcontinent documenting precious cultures, vanishing tribes, encountering little known lives, finds us making incredible journeys into the heart of the matter. At its core are people, their beliefs, customs, language systems, songs, rituals, art & craft. There are  here a million broken tones between the pitch black containing all hues and the pure white empty of all. Collaborating with people across regions we explore the double binds of tradition-modernity, reality-imagination, perception-illusion, truth-beauty et al.

With an eye to nurturing an inter-dependent existence, through every project undertaken here, we work towards a deliberate slowing down, fostering a climate for reflection & consideration in a world of speed highways and disrupted dialogues, to slowly begin to rebuild, sometimes even from scratch. Learning here is lifelong- nomad-ic in nature, inter-dependent in spirit. Focus is on gleaning the essence of be-ing human, through studies in Indian Asia ; the philosophy, aesthetics, oral culture, tangible, intangible heritage thereof form the core of the study.


images from artwork by Vrishali Purandare created in a co lab during NOMADSLAND

Two decades of research, documentation and collaborations across communities, language, disciplines, gender, culture, ethnicity initiated & conducted by Seasongray have enabled the building of a rich audio visual archive. At Co-lab we also draw upon the archival material of- image, sound, text, music research documentation; recordings, publications, writings, translations, dialogues, films etc. built in close collaboration with the often marginal-ised, tribal, folk, indigenous communities and individuals engaged in art, craft, music, language & performance practice...


images from the making of film installation SECRET LIFE OF MEMORIES

Co-labs are created from time to time, aspiring to bring together practitioners from different disciplines. The findings are variously mounted as films, installations, performance, publications, exhibitions et al. Every co-lab brings together different sets of people; gathering something new, scattering something of old in the process. Learning here is simultaneously a return and a moving forward.


images from music workshops during the research of film SABAD NIRANTAR/  WORD WITHIN THE WORD

Ache Lhamo Poster copy.jpg

Glimpses of past co-labs here  

A film installation called Secret life of memories  

A 1 min experimental stop-motion animation Goenda Lagbe na  

A trans Himalayan opera, film & music workshop Kalimpong  

A web interactive journey film Nomadsland  


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nomadsland cover design by Rajula


Co-lab does not claim to take the participants someplace, make them someone, nor give certificates/jobs. It promises nothing more nor less than an opportunity for collective writing, a renewing of spirit, rigorous practice, collaboration among creative minds & sensitive hearts, young & experienced, across disciplines working towards a re-inventing of self in the light of Asia.

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