Wire drawings: Vrishali Purandare Photography: Rajula

Here, Look, Water from rivers is cooling this pot,


Mud, only mud has come together,

to make this pot.


Fierce wind blows around you,

O traveller.

Drying up every resource,


The scorching heat torments your skin,

The heat magnifies unto your head,

And when there is darkness of tiredness in your eyes..


From rivers of poems, of poets of the past

That I have gathered in my pot.


I will fill the water, in joined palms, 

Bend forward

Dear traveller, to Drink.

Once, twice, until your thirst is quenched.


Drink until hope descends your being.


Wash your wilted feet, tired now,

I have built for you, a shade to rest in,

O traveller, Refreshen.


On your way ahead,

O traveller,

All that you leave behind,


That and only that shall be mine.




(Inspired by Yashwant Pendharkar's poem in Marathi: Panpoi)


VRISHALI on her Art Practice


Working with media that respond to every touch and every change in the weather- revitalises the sense of perception. It helps the mind think through the body as also it helps learn more, each time, about the surroundings (extensions of our own bodies). One begins to look at how a body (non-human/human) responds to an environment. Through work, along with folks am associated with, I wish to explore the relationship that "we" share with wilderness. I wish to explore an anthropology that goes well beyond the human. To fathom the continuity between the inside and the outside worlds and to push to the surface the idea of interdependence and not mere co-existence is crucial to my experience and engagement with Making.

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