This film continues to make itself over with each traveller.

Like a pilgrimage, it grows with time.


When I send mii digital collages, the Nineteen views from the Pilgr(Image) to a few artist friends, a couple of them write back! Arghya, mii friend from the undiscovered continent, walks and shoots alongside in the pilgrimage,  Shampa sends drawings of a landscape she has never seen. Vrishali, an art student then, draws in binding wire, faces and words, to populate Nomad's land in memory of her pilgrim grandmother, herself a warkari- Sudha ji, . Manendra Lodhi, a film editing student then, stitches faces gleaned from the footages of the many journeys, into digital scrolls. Sripati Raja, a software engineer turned film student, brings in his cretive spirit for making things visible in the interface. Shruti Deshpande Rawoot is moved by watching the first video she clicks sitting far away in Allendale, New Jersey and on mii request contributes an invaluable transliteration of Khelanya from Marathi to English. And it grows...

Nomadsfilmschool hereby, humbly aligns itself to the inter-active, multi-formed and changing Imaging traditions herewith, seeking to continue the ancient tradition of making Tirthapata, in its various forms as Views, Images, Impressions, Maps, Mandalas or Cosmographs of Nomadsland through the use of digital tools and imaging technology accessible to mii in mii resources and times in India.


Arghya Basu, Shampa Shah, Vrishali Purandare, Sripati Raja, Manendra Lodhi, Shruti Rawoot


Production & Technical Assistance

T.N. Uma Devi, Sandesh Vaidya, Late Sushant Arora, Goraksh Khande, Chetus Desai, Ankur Das & Vijay


Grateful to 

Jyotsna Milan, Shampa Shah, Ramesh Chandra Shah, Ramkumar Tiwari, Rajesh Tyagi, Madhusree Dutta, R.V. Ramani, Moinak Biswas, Smriti Dixit, Shubham Roy Choudhury, Arundhati Ghosh



Connections through culture grant


Extending Arts Practice grant


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