The mind is like a machine that is working night and day, chattering, everlastingly busy whether asleep or awake. It is speedy and as restless as the sea...

Can this very swift mind slow down?

Have you noticed that while you are watching something the mind slows down? When you watch that car moving along the road down there, or look intently at any physical object, is not your mind functioning more slowly? Watching, observing does slow down the mind. Looking at a picture, an image, an object, helps to quiet the mind, as does the repetition of a phrase; but then the object or the phrase becomes very important, and not the slowing down of the mind and what is achieved thereby...

It is only the unoccupied mind that can attend. The mind is slow alert, when there is watchfulness, which is the attention of the unoccupied mind.

                                                  Image: Rajula Shah Text: Jiddu Krishnamurti

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