Editing: Rajula, Images: Arghya & Rajula

Dev / God is saying - "Oh my dear human, look how you have tied me! See what state you have brought me to!! I have become a jingling rattle in the hands of a child.


Know well my dear, it is not the toy, but the sound, that attracts the child.

So, Dev says - "What have you made of me ? You have turned me into the physical manifestation of a toy! Do you notice that the toy itself symbolises the childhood, the infancy of our journey? It is this Leela / Play which is the source of joy for the infant and not the toy- the physical manifestation. First the infant is surrounded with crib toys like the rattle, next come the toy train etc. At this stage, the infant is assimilating everything

through the power of observation which is at it's peak in early years. When the human child doesn't yet speak but just observes, its receptiveness, the process of self-realization and understanding is at the highest state.

That is why Tradition holds that Buddhi / cognitive growth is maximum in the first seven years of our life.

Why do you think it is so ?

Because the child has not yet begun to Speak, It is naturally more observant and receptive. We learn in silence- by observing our surroundings, the environment; It is by following others that we first learn to live. As we grow, our inherent talent manifests.


Do you understand ?

First step therefore, is to observe, follow, and then comes the caliber of our talent. In life, first comes the Sanskara / impressions through observation and learning by following and thereafter it is reinforced with experience, choices etc.

So, what must come first ?


Imbibing through observation, emulation.

Mother claps and sings of Dev/ God, The child follows clapping. She sings  Jai Jai Jai Bappa / Glory to God child just emulates her and follows.


As the devotee perceives Him, so Dev/ God becomes. Hence, Dev says, I have become the khelnya / toy in your hands. But here the toy is spoken of not as a mere physical manifestation. To a devotee of Panduranga / the Yellow robed one, the world appears like a khelnya / plaything- an instrument to realize the Absolute. Thus the Vishwa Satta / World order turns into a khelnya / toy in the hands of the seeker. Now it is for us to figure out how to work to perceive the Universe as an instrument to real-ize the Absolute !  


Text transcript of the Pravachan/ Discourse in the video by Shruti Rawoot

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